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Jam Eater Records

Monster Bad

Last One Out, Get The Lights Please


written and recorded from july 2013 - july 2015.

thanks to our parents, john albinson, carla greco, yasmine shreiteh, gaby martinez, julianna cambria, vinny romita, liz stafford, sam stott, james yaiullo, hannah keiffert, alec ciesla, sara kossin, tommy cavanagh, jon clarke, we take fire, umich sigma phi house, lynn tuimil, dan marino, christopher martinez, jorge velez, joseph anton, maddison cingolani, and adam pichardo for love, dangerous art, and moral support.

thank you everyone + i’ll love you forever.

released February 20, 2016

on this record, monster bad is paul han, kelli ditomasso, jonathan chun, and chris graci.

this record was written by chris graci in 2013, produced by jonathan chun and chris graci in a bedroom and a basement in 2014, and then again by them and ian karavas at jam eater studios in 2015.

‘ursa’ co-written by liz stafford and chris graci.
bass on ‘alt kid 101’ written by liz stafford.
group vocals on ‘ursa’ feature maggie butera.
violin on ‘kyasarin’ by elizabeth chun.
organ on ‘hell or bust pt.ii’ written by jessie rosenberg.

cover photos taken/curated by adam pichardo (cover 2), and linnea nugent (covers 3 and 4)



  1. Firecracker
  2. Ursa
  3. Wasted
  4. May
  5. Bee
  6. Vermont
  7. Katabasis
  8. Alt Kid 101
  9. Kyasarin
  10. Missingno.
  11. Dusk
  12. Morning Star
  13. 3 Breaths
  14. Hell or Bust pt. ii